Showreel 2012

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This is my showreel, featuring highlights of stuff I made up to May of 2012.

KarlG’s Showreel 2012 from Karl Gustafsson on Vimeo.


The Work in Progress

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Sith Academy

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My latest piece of 3d art. I had no idea what to make last week, and Genya suddenly gave me an exciting idea. He suggested I’d create the Sith Academy, and showed me some concept art of it. I fell for it completely and started working on it.

I went for a cartoonish kind of style for this one.

Used 3ds Max, Photoshop and Wacom Tablet.

Jingled All the Way

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And so it is back to the schoolbench for me and rest of my fellow Computer Graphic Designers. Ach!

I had a great christmas with lots of food and good company. However even during holidays I feel it’s important to keep drawing to keep my skills up. I started on yet another Tess (’cause the character is awesome) before New Years Eye, and it’s now done, in 2012. Hope you like it!

One of them moments

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I’m awesome.

My homepage

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Hello all,

This will be my homepage for now. Here you can read about my non-exciting life and also check out some stuff I created, whether it’s made of pencil dust, digital clay, or something else.

Enjoy your self, and happy holidays!